Thursday, January 9, 2014

In NSEC OMRs checked with wrong answer key for many centres by IAPT

IAPT has used different paper codes this time. There are lots of centers which are completely missing this time from the IAPT result, especially in NSEC.  In fact cities likes Kota and Jaipur which contribute more than 30% of Rajasthan quota are completely missing from the list. There seems to be a problem in checking the OMR sheet with wrong answer key, for example OMR of paper code A is checked by Answer key of paper code B. Three years back SIERT Udaipur has done the same mistake when they checked the OMRs with wrong answer key and every student who was hoping to get qualified did not figure out in the list. However that time it was easy to figure out because not a single student was selected so when we pointed out the mistakes SIERT accepted and within 7 days, the new results were announced. This time the problem with IAPT is more tricky, wrong OMR checking happened with selected centres that too in few cities. So it is difficult for IAPT to comprehend the problem. What IAPT can do it do take random checking of complains received by it.

It will be prudent thinking to accept the mistakes rather than denying the information. Students working hard has right to know the marks. IAPT and HBCSE will do justice with the talent of the country.

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  1. Even I was hoping for a was selection since my marks were way above d cutoff for haryana so......but anyways its nt d end of d world for me!