Thursday, January 5, 2012

unified council declared the NSTSE result yesterday

Unified council is tight lipped about Bhopal Fiasco where the papers was photocopied  and distributed to students five days in advance, by which algorithm it has come with the result. We ran a poll on our blog a month back where 80 percent of the respondents felt that exam should be conducted again

However here earning money is the most important motive with hardly any regard for talent,
Unified council , SOF are in to business of looting students and parents on the name of talent search examination


  1. ..I want to bring into notice about a school in Assam where examination of nstse was conducted on 05-12-2011, a day after the actual examination date,that is (04-12-2012).Now some of the students of that school got the EXACT question paper beforehand from their acquaintances..and now some of them are appearing for the SECOND LEVEL which is going to be held on 29-01-2012.IS THIS JUSTICE ANYWAYS?I think the FIRST LEVEL SHOULD BE CONDUCTED AGAIN for those school with different question paper.Will UNIFIED COUNCIL GIVE ATTENTION TO THIS CORNER OF THEIR SO CALLED TALENT SEARCH?:X

  2. This time, the cut offs have been very high for nstse. For securing a rank even in top 1000, one had to score marks over 80. This is quite difficult to believe because there has been a drammatic increase in the cut off as compared to last years. This time Unifed Council hasn't even published the list of achievers which adds to the lack of transparency.

  3. I think The List Of Achievers will be published along with the results of NSTSE Stage 2. What will be the cut-off for securing a rank within 100 for a student of class 10 in stage 2 of NSTSE? I will get around 77/100. Can I get a rank within top 100?