Wednesday, January 4, 2012

KVPY interview to start from 16 Jan

KVPY interview to start from 16 Jan across across 12 locations in India.The history of the KVPY interview is full of controversies, till 2 years back the even the weight-age was not shared in the public, thanks to RTI now we know that it carries 50 % marks which is very high. Such high weight-age leaves lot of scope for playing around the marks. Some parents approach to interview panel before and panel give the known students a favorable response. Interview marks are not even shared in public, no video recording is done to ensure transparency.

some where the IISc has forgotten the objective why this scholarship started, this scholarship was started to encourage students to join the basic science stream , however over a period of time it has become a tool in the hand of professors to oblige their known friends and relatives.

Approx 25 percent of the candidates selected before the interview and obviously they eat the seats of the deserving people, no exam till class 12 level in India has such seen 50 percent weight-age in the selection panel, however this serves the vested interests of the IISC officials.
so best of luck to candidates


  1. sir,
    My self ashok tak ,seat no.-X2020176 Plz provide the int.result

  2. not good for students who want to research in science