Tuesday, March 11, 2014

KVPY result coming on 13 March


  1. How do you know?? And what's the expected cut off?

  2. Really? Kitne baje? Plz reply asap

  3. At what time will the result come?

  4. It won't I called up deir office....dey said it won't. .admin please dont put anything that is not true.....and also said that we should refer to their official site for any notifications!

  5. A word about NEWS / RUMORS -
    What ever is posted on the site is usually based on one or the other sources any of us get. Visitors usually get the information what is going on. Admin or visitors may post what ever the information one may get. Like last year KVPY office said the result would be declared next week and same appeared the very next day. Also, I myself visited their office this year and inquired about the dates and venue of interviews, I was told that everything will be same as it was last year. ironically nothing was like it was last year. So its all to reduce stress and share piece of information we get.
    Hope this would be of some help, no intention of any offence or support intended. Just my view of the post.
    Well as per my information it will be declared on 21 March evening. Results have some surprises too.
    All the best to aspirants.

    1. Sir, could you please tell what is the expected cut off. Thank you :-)

  6. What is the true date, if there is any..?

  7. Result announced today 19th March 2014 and available on KVPY main website.