Thursday, January 16, 2014

IAPT accepts the mistake

It seems IAPT has partially accepted the mistake done by it. Yesterday on 15 Jan it has issued a additional list of NSEC selected students. In this new list 71 more students are selected from India and from Rajasthan 18 are selected. IAPT has earlier checked the answer sheets of all these students with the wrong answer key. IAPT has done the reevaluation after receiving lot of complains , however still it failed to deliver the justice. Many students from Kota who was getting more than the cutoff are still not there in the list. HBCSE should ensure that IAPT does the reevaluation of all students who have sent the complain not only to selected students. 

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  1. hey, i am from DELHI and I was scoring much higher than my state cutoff. But, still I received mail from Prof Oglapurkar stating that my OMR is rechecked and my marks are below the cutoff. When I try to contact him, he ignores my problem. What should I do?? Please help ....