Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Something very fishy about mjmathsscholarship exam.....

1. This is the official web site of Manual Joseph but no where it is mentioned about this exam.
 2. Cash award are extra ordinary nature, no exam before in history has given or announced such rewards. Is this the complete market gimmick?
 3. Organizers of the exam claiming to have more than 20 lacs students sitting for this exam on a single date, date are yet to be decided.  What is more worrisome is that dream world India which is marketing this exam has not mentioned about this exam on its web site even
 4. Dream world India which claims to conduct this exam has not conducted any such exam in the past as per details given on the web site.
 5. Most of such exams are conducted in 2 stages for better transparency and accountability; however this exam is conducted in the single stage only.
 6. Marketing collaterals, enrollment forms and web site don’t look professional enough to conduct exams at such a mammoth level.
 However these finding are my own, please use your own judgment regarding participating it.

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