Sunday, November 25, 2012

NSE olympiad papers and solutions

Paper With Solutions Chemistry NSEC-2012

Paper With Sol Biology NSEB-2012

 Answer key Astronomy NSEA-2012

Paper With Solution Physics NSEP-2012


  1. what was last year's cutoff for nsec? getting 150+ any chance?

  2. in nso 1st question
    it was92-65 which gives answer 27 but this site is showing 25

    we cant trust this site

  3. NseC the cutoff will be around 180.
    NseP the cutoff will be around 100.(excluding subjective)

  4. Very perfect Ruperthaawblog, just a little more in both 2-5 marks in both, I appreciate your assessment,
    What about NSEB & NSEA, Post your view,
    Many people here just do not post but sure keep tracking for their wards performance anxiety, so do take all the care not make just throwing guess, it hurts, sometimes. Assessment may or may not go wrong thats immaterial.
    Now the time is round the corner when IAPT would start providing keys for it exams - 29 Nov onwards,

  5. It will be little complicated this year onwards. Cutoffs for NSEs will not be based on absolute all India terms. So Expect various cut-offs for various states.

  6. when is the result expected to come?

  7. Last week of December/ First week of January...

  8. Please give me an idea of the NSEC cutoff 2014 delhi