Sunday, November 4, 2012

last year v/s this year cut off

  • Stream SA- 50 marks out of 100
  • Stream SB- 45 marks out of 100
  • Stream SX- 50 marks out of 100
but this year paper seems to be on easier side so cut  off for SA should be around 60 % and for SB it should be around 55%


  1. last year there was no negative marking...this time it was so i think that your assumption is wrong...

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  3. Last year there was negative marking. Check your data.

  4. Sam can u guess the cutoff marks please??

  5. Yes in SA, the math and physics papers were easier than last year. Chemistry is almost as tough as last year whereas bio this year was bit obscure. hence overall minimum cut off may go 5-10 marks higher.

  6. I guess 2 question from CHEMISTRY SB/SX are wrong
    1. PART 1 question 44 (options are incorrect, D option)
    2. PART 2 question 102 ( it is a question from BIOLOGY)

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  8. dont say that question 44 D option was a faint one or someting else
    it should be properly and clearly viewable to students

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  10. @parth Gupta.
    Qno. 44 Chemistry is right It was a printing problem. If you examine the D option closely you can see a small line perpendicular to the - which means it's actually a plus.But the line is so fade that it is very difficult to notice.
    But it's quite clear the answer must be option D as other options A, B, C can never become answers as they are obviously wrong

  11. wow, i am getting about 80 marks (acc to resonance ans key).. if the cut off is really near 60, then i think i have good chance of qualifying this.. Thanks for the info

  12. but Qno.44 D option is very very faint (+ sign), negligible. one can only think of leaving that question, i also know that A,B,C can't be the option
    IN Previous year also, this has happened that none of the options were correct so there is a possibility.!!

    and what about Q 102??

  13. and i've said this thing earlier also
    that dont say that question 44 D option was a faint one or someting else
    it should be properly and clearly viewable to students

  14. Check this for the cut off

  15. official answer has now uploaded on the official site of kvpy (; In my view answer to two of the questions are wrong :

    In my view the answer key of following question are wrong ;

    Q. 45 : Answer Key on your site 'B' ; Correct answer in my view: 'C'

    Explanation : since PV =nRT , hence PV and T are proportional to each other and for constant n, the graph should be straight line passing to origin and not straight line parallel to X axis. Hence the graph shown in option 'C' is definitely wrong.

    Q 56 : Answer Key on your site .C' ; Correct answer in my view: 'B'

    Explanation: as it is a very dilute solution so in it H^+ ions provided by water are also counted.

    concentartion of H^+=10^-8 + 10^-7
    =1.01* 10^-7

    now pH= -log [H^+]
    = -log [1.01*10^-7]
    = -log10^-7 -log1.01
    =6.96 i.e. near to 7

    Hence the answer C , i.e. PH = 1 CAN NOT BE CORRECT.

    Affected students/parents should mail this comments to the KVPY convener on

  16. you are very true Mr NTSE coach, sure I am going to register my resistance to them and will follow up, i hope this will be sorted out soon
    all the best to aspiring students,
    go ahead for interview preparations
    all the best.

    yes about cutoff - this year it must be between 58-60.( for SA only I have seen )

  17. You're forgetting 75, in which no options should be correct.

  18. @ NTSE COACH...what is your guess regarding the cut off marks of SX this year ??

  19. true Mr darwin, but the question has varying view about the answer but this is true again that the given answer 3 cannot be the option anyways - but a better teacher must be asked about.
    all the best

  20. i think that should have B as answer but not A
    and also as add since plus of d is not visible at all
    and also as C but not A

  21. Yes for Q.N. 75, none of the options are correct.

    Sorry I have seen only SA, so can not guess cut off for SX.

    SA question were defiantly easier than last year, particularly the math and physics sections. But after talking to at least two dozen good candidates of SA , I have the feeling that students could not perform well inspite of the easy questions. Perhaps they were not ready for such type of easy but thinking questions.

    Hence, the cut off may be below 60. Also, this year the number of KVPY scholarship should increase , hence more number of students shall be called for the interview.

    Best wishes to all. Pl. do write in large numbers to get noticed by the kvpy so that they correct these mistakes and issue revised answers to SA 2012.

  22. hey i am getting 58.75 in sa ,and if for 56 and 75 , all students are given marks ,i might get 62.5. What are my chances of selection.?

  23. I agree everything with NTSE coach, even I have seen only SA. Cutoff must be something between 58 - 60 not much,
    Number of scholarship are not expected to increase but few more merit holders will be taken as mentors, especially for Girls and sc/st students.( around 100 each)
    Yes, amount of scholarship is expected to increase from next year. Hope paper work is done before next financial year.
    I would like to add that with physics and maths even the Biology paper was easier than last year which added to increase in cutoff marks.
    Students must now concentrate on interview part.
    It is highly expected that merit number and marks will be given this time also like last year. that is helpful for the students to access their potential for beyond XII exams like Engg/Medicals pre tests.They may put more efforts to improve.
    All the best to aspiring students.

  24. i am scoring 80 in SB SX what are my chances of selection

  25. kvpy has said that appropriate action will be taken while evaluating the answers.

  26. i am expecting 52 marks. any chance of selection???

  27. i am expecting 55 SX what is my chance of qualifying?ruthwik

  28. I m getting 48 as per kvpy ans key in sb/sx..!! What are my chances? What should be ans of ques 44, 98, 103? Are the ans of these are ri8? When vl kvpy result announced?

  29. @Mridul Pant, 60+ may hv a good chance to get to the second stage in SA, if they select ~1500-1700 students for fellowship + mentorship interviews.

    1. last year 940 students got selected for interview and the cutoff was 50. doesnt your estimation make this year's cutoff in terms of last year very very high ?

    2. That's why I say a good chance for anyone with 60+. (Not a borderline chance).

      Logic: the number of seats may increase but the candidates are also increasing almost 1.5 times every year.
      They have also dropped stream SP from this year. Add those 200-300 seats to SA,SB/SX equally. So it becomes ~1100 baseline seats for SA. Add to that the yearly increase in seats (avg. about 25 to 35%).
      Going by this thumb rule, approx. 1500 candidates will be selected for interviews in SA fellowships stream.
      For Mentorship, whether they will add a similar number or select them from the same list of 1500, we can't guess. I think they will decide the monetary fellowships based on the economical background of the given candidate and not purely based on merit.

      IMHO, the cut-off would be around 58 for SA. The wait will be over sooner rather than later.

    3. i hope you are right but only result will tell.

  30. does anyone know about mentoring scheme in kvpy??

  31. The paper of SA stream was tougher than last year so cut off should be less than earlier.