Saturday, February 4, 2012

official answer key released by NSTSE wrong

NSTSE has declared it’s answer key…..which is available

There are lot of mistakes in the answer key…and the most of the question in the test papers are taken from BMA  ….it clearly indicates that the motive of the exam is not to identify young talents but to promote some books…..

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  1. its really shameful. felt disgusted that at least 6 answers are wrong.

    The worst part is that the question paper does not reach up to the all india level in any way. e.g. Q.27 in PCB- 12 : Which enzyme is taken from calf's stomach and used to make cheese? the answer that ought to be " RENNIN" is given as "RENIN" , WHICH HAPPENS TO BE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT COMPOUND. in PMT, questions are set on the basis of the spelling difference of "rennin" and "renin"! dats really a shame, nstse.