Sunday, December 22, 2013

Fill this form to know your marks in KVPY

 Please fill this form before 30 Dec, we will use RTI to take out the scores of the candidates whi have filled the below mentioned form

KVPT test marks shouldf be declared by IISc

This time IISc has not disclosed the aptitude test marks, IISc should disclose the marks asap.

KVPY results

The provisional list of students who have qualified in the Aptitude Test and eligible to be called for interview based on the performance in the KVPY Aptitude Test held on October 27, 2013 is published herewith.
The cut off marks for different streams are as under:                
  • Stream SA- 53 marks out of 100 
    SA SC/ST - 41 marks out of 100
    SA PWD(Person with disability) – 41 marks out of 100

  • Stream SB- 40 marks out of 100
    SB SC/ST -30 marks out of 100
    SB PWD(Person with disability) – 27 marks out of 100

  • Stream SX- 46 marks out of 100 
    SX SC/ST - 35 marks out of 100
    SX PWD (Person with disability) – 35 marks out of 100